Events Planning & Management Strategy

We design our clients events through intensive research and strategic analysis to gain insight into our client needs and objectives behind any event

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank COMCRA once again for their high quality of service delivery and dedication to our project. I do not have any hesitation to recommend any entity to consider a partnership based on our success with them"
Megumi Konda
Technical Project Advisor – UNIDO Jordan

Events Research & Analyzing

Based on our research and analysis approach, COMCRA will gain insight into the client objectives, event goals and key takeaways. This stage will inspire and guide the overall development of the event identity, budget, stakeholders, sponsorships, publicity and outreach.

Events Conceptualization & Design

Based on our creativity and innovation approach, COMCRA develops the event concept and Brand Identity that fully addresses the client objectives and overarching the idea behind the event. This stage will conceptualize to the event format and theme that will be designed, reviewed, tested and refined into a focused direction to inspire targeted audiences and sponsors and reinforce the event messages and key takeaways.

Events Development & Planning

Based on our event project planning and development approach, COMCRA will develop, review and document the overall project work plan. This stage will roadmap the event and involves us directly into the production process that guarantees accurate translation of ideas into reality through our effective approaches and efficient work plans.

Events Delivery & Monitoring

Based on our delivery and monitoring approach, COMCRA will track in evidence the event operations with conscious monitoring procedures during all steps of the organization process allowing for amendments and back-up plans. This stage will support the delivery of the event tasks and services in timely and accurate manner utilizing our events RACI charts, checklists and other supporting management tools supported by our professional project management and personnel.

Post Events & Evaluation

Based on our quality assurance approach, COMCRA will enable several relevant key quality post event measurement tools to be able to evaluate client, audience and stakeholders satisfaction. This stage will include the identification of several protective factors that we will define clear measurable indicators and data collection methods to measure the effectiveness of the event and ground in evidence the client feedback and lessons learnt for future development.

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