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COMCRA Events Management @ A GLANCE

COMCRA events is the top events planning and management company in Jordan and Middle East, established in Jordan in the year 2006 with over 14 years of experience in this industry. We are a first-class events management company that successfully organized +200 different scale online, hybrid and physical business events including; webinars, conferences, seminars, meetings, themed events, sports events and exhibitions in Middle East,  North Africa, Gulf Region and different parts of the world including Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman, Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria, Turkey, Azerbaijan and China along with other communication services that included public relations & media outreach, marketing and branding.

Due to the commitment of Communications Craftsmen leadership in events sustainability, COMCRA events has revised and developed its business plan strategy in 2016 to commit to the event management sustainability approach by developing its mission statement. “To provide creative events planning and management services that meet the customers’ satisfaction and exceed their expectations, on budget, on time, on brand and environmentally friendly”, adding sustainability to its main objectives by adopting the Triple- P events management approach; people, planet and profit to be applicable to the legal requirements and sustainability practices of our International stakeholders including the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), European Training Foundation (ETF), United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and The German Development Corporation (GIZ).

After the COVID-19 outbreak and the need to grow and sustain the events industry, COMCRA events developed its capabilities to plan and manage different scale of virtual events, including but not limited to; webinars, web conferences and virtual environment events providing unlimited virtual services such as video teleconferencing (VTC), remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI), attendee management, audience analytics, customizable branding, surveys and polls, moderation and digital stage management (DSM), lead capture, engagement tools and Pre-made templates. 

COMCRA events planning and management services are variable and comprehensive that include more than 50 events services related to events planning strategy and design, corporate events management and 360 degrees events services, catering all events services starting from events research and analyzing ending with post events services.  

COMCRA events is a company believer in customer service;  Our main objective is to ensure and achieve full customer-satisfaction, allowing them to concentrate on their business results through our continuously developed, implemented, monitored and revised methodology & approaches that lead to successful events planning and management services, taking into consideration understanding the client objectives, conducting needed research,  planning the event, estimating budget, delivering services, monitoring processes and last but not least submitting closing reports, lessons learned, evaluations and feedback’s.

COMCRA events strives to fulfill clients satisfaction through our events planning and management approaches, putting together the highest caliber and dedicated teams of experts that would be able to provide the right solution packages to any event, establish a quality turnkey and 360 degrees event processes to provide quality, unique and consistent services through professionalism, innovation, creativity and experience.