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We do believe that successful events services are an ASSET. They expose your company, reflect your professional image and are an excellent marketing tool.

"Our deepest gratitude for your contribution and efforts to make this event a success in Jordan. Special recognition for your company staff for the tasks managed, orchestrated and coordinated to run the event that was professionally well executed"
George Khayyat
The Arab Federation for Food Industries

Events Agenda & Speakers Management

Aligned with any event objectives, COMCRA`s experience and its the level of international events organized "our clients unique value proposition", we do believe that high level non- traditional events should be formulated in order to effectively showcase the client objectives. COMCRA designs events to be interactive ones with creative special formats such as Fireside Chat, Campfire, Birds on a Feather, Lighting Talks and Talent Shows engaging key officials, speakers, moderators, sponsors and participants in an interactive sessions that leverage into getting more high-profile speakers on board, giving relevant content to audience, bringing guest speakers and audience together and revealing the guest’s backstage stories and insights. Our Agenda & Speakers Management Approach includes defining main topics, designing session formats, and implementing speaker’s management well designed approach that take into consideration all tasks engaging speakers pre, during and post event.

Events Branding, Marketing & Promotion

Event branding is capturing the essence of your organization and giving it its proper due for your event marketing campaigns. This can be done both through digital and onsite branding and other entertainment activities. COMCRA is capable to support your event with the latest events branding and marketing trends that effectively can increase your brand awareness, drive sales and build engagement. COMCRA branding and marketing tools are always up-to-date and are endless, but our main tools include event website and application, social media platforms, digital branding, projection mapping, onsite event branding, booths, social walls, banners, swag, influencers, onsite stand-up comedy, talent show, contests and award campaigns.

Events Fund Raising & Sponsors

Whether you are looking for organizing a fundraising event or attracting sponsors to your event, COMCRA is always supported with creative ideas and tools that enable us to be focused on creating value and return of investment ROI for sponsors that underwrite a significant portion of event. Our strengths come from our sponsorship approach that is utilize by our network, conceptualize by our industry research, publicize by our media sponsors, customized based on the event benefits, empowered by our sponsors relationships and always leveraged to the sponsors financial benefits and publicity.

Events Invitations & Registration

With the aim of ensuring smooth and accurate registration for any event, COMCRA implements a well organized process to decrease time of registration, ensure accuracy and database collection by using latest technologies that enable online registration with unique registration codes and online templates, offering on the other hand a full automated onsite registration process for non registered. COMCRA is also supported with sufficient tools including hardware's and software's that allow easy access and monitoring process for registered participants along with other relevant entry exist procedures and protocols.

Venue & Floor Management

COMCRA has developed a list of preferred venues for all types of events based on a special criteria that includes international standards in providing events services, sufficient spaces for registration, interpretation, breakout rooms, stage and backstage, ability to set-up multiple styles for seating arrangements, strict security arrangements and protocols, meeting rooms with day light, non-smoking and green, proper and secure free parking, accessibility for people with disabilities, insurance and third part liability agreements.

Events Catering, Food & Beverages

COMCRA are capable to provide all catering services for events whether they are indoor or outdoor ones. We have developed a list of preferred suppliers to procure catering services from according to a developed selection criteria and post event evaluation that caters to the food quality, presentation, hygiene food international food certificates, availability of fulfill request orders within short time of period, availability of trained catering supporting staff and menu variation that take into consideration diversity of attendees tastes including vegetarian, lactose and gluten intolerance's. Additionally we are capable as well in organizing event themed gala dinners and receptions in 5 stars venues, hotels and restaurants with a well decorated event setup that reflects the event brand and theme depends on the event size, level of attendees, weather forecast and supporting services.

Events AV & Technical Equipment’s

COMCRA has been working with a wide range of local and international technical service providers across multiple sectors to provide events bespoke sets with a combination of technical solutions that include all types of audio, visuals, lighting and video production for all types of events with a unique services that address the combination of skills and expertise we are managing and procuring for producing high level and visible events.

Events Monitoring & Evaluation

COMCRA performs a scientific set of events monitoring and evaluation process and tools during the complete period of implementing the event relevant activities in order to be able to ground in evidence the event required deliverables with protective factors that define clear measurable objectives identifying indicators and data collection methods to measure the effectiveness of provided services to any event, ensuring that baseline measurements are taken such as attendees satisfaction, cost effectiveness, time management, team performance and event details.

Events Interpretation & Translation

COMCRA has a long experience in recruiting interpreters both simultaneous and consecutive for events in Jordan with a proven track record and over 8 years long term interpretation contracts for European Commission projects in Jordan and in Iraq. Our database includes tens of multi-languages professional interpreters that are being selected based on our special developed criteria and being evaluated after each interpretation activity for improvement and development. COMCRA interpreters selection criteria includes minimum requirements that address the fluency in both Arabic and required translated language, minimum of 750 working days in both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, excellent knowledge in technical terminologies in relation with the event theme and format, industry background of relative translation, at least 10 proven events with international donors and/or UN agencies, have depth and broad knowledge with the event topics and good voice projection.

Events Mobile Application

With the aim of organizing Go Green and interactive events, COMCRA provides its clients with a customized event mobile application option with a special event themed interface that apply for I Phone, I Pad and Android featuring agenda, sessions, registration, speakers’ bios, B2B, sponsors ads link with personal social media, live polling, surveys, questionnaires and event push notifications. Mobile App features may also includes social network allowing sharing event information such as sessions, speaker bios, vendor descriptions, and more using email, Twitter, and Facebook along with mobile chat for event attendees, communication and networking features to give attendees a dynamic way to connect.

Events Destination Management

With the aim of providing full services to all guests, participants, speakers, key officials attending events organized by COMCRA, we do offer all types of destination management services including meet and greet airport pickup and drop off, local transfers, hotel accommodation, restaurants, leisure activities, excursions, VIP business services with an overcoming language barrier tools. COMCRA destination management services are related with trust, whilst we can assist you on both a creative and professional level and able to provide preferential rates based on the buying power that we have with our preferred suppliers.

Events Entertainment Activities

No matter how your event is impressive having amazing speakers, interesting agenda and strong event brand but you still need to leave an excellent experience for your event attendees through organizing an outstanding entertainment activities. COMCRA events entertainment approach is an audience focused one offering ideas they will enjoy and maybe surprised. Depending on your event budget we have tons of hot tailored event ideas that vary from performing main acts to smaller elements and Virtual Reality VR interactions that create immersive experience matching your event goals and remember your audiences.

Events Personnel Recruitment & Management

No matter what the event type and size is, COMCRA has a long experience in recruiting and managing part time consultants and personnel including speakers, moderators, MCs, interpreters, rapporteurs, media consultants, photographers, security and ushers. Our data base is adequate and comprehensive and our teams of consultants and personnel are with an excellent experience, oriented with COMCRA events management approaches, code of ethics and conduct and ready to reallocate at anytime their services are requested.

Events PR & Media Relations Management

PR and media are an essential part of our comprehensive event promotion strategy. COMCRA`s long standing relationship with international and local media ensures extensive media exposure and coverage for events we organize. COMCRA media relations comprehensive approach ensures Pre-event media , Day-of event media and Post-event media relations with a complete media management and services including but not limited to drafting newsletter, inviting media, securing media emcee, developing radio and television promo spots, coordinating media launches, developing and circulating media kits, developing on air contesting with radio media, securing media interviews and editorials, distributing media and photo opportunity advisory, Issuing post event media advisory with event results, sending media recap and produce event media report.

Events On-site Management

COMCRA is capable and supported with the right human resources and tools for managing and supervising all types of events floor management including but not limited to registration setup, welcoming guests, VIP arrangements and protocols, opening and agenda management, attendees’ engagement, technical supervision, brand visibility, speakers and media management, personnel management, security protocols and venue staffing.

Post Events Services

COMCRA provides its clients with an event closing report that encompasses both outcomes (results) and impact (perception). The report usually consist of an executive summary presenting the event goals and objectives, number of participants, patronage, statement of the event, event outcomes categorized according to date and time, speeches and documents presented by speakers, participants and stakeholders. The report also includes evaluation forms, questionnaires, client feedback for future events development, lessons learned, media report and comments and financial consolidation.

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